Feeding our little lamb

Feeding our little lamb

This little lamb is a twin. His little brother is not doing so well and has bloat, from hand feeding. They were born on a horrible wet, cold and windy day and lost condition straight away and would not feed. They were so weak they could not stand. So the next morning we started hand feeding them which was not what we wanted for our sheep but the only choice, unless we were prepared to let them die. Once we returned their heat and gave them food we tried numerous times to get them to feed from their mother but her milk did not come in even though she has not given up on them.


Test pots

These three pots are just test pots as they are too heavy or are have unfinished bases. I have used them to try out some under glazes and new glazes, to see how the engraving looks. The red photo is a bit blurry. They all have the mountain shape form with the small circle opening.  I love this shape but they are not very practical as a pot, that is if I was selling them as practical pieces.  I am now making pots with wider openings and straighter sides.  I would like to make one perfect pot shaped like these three, then get a mould made of it so I didn’t have to throw them as I am not a strong thrower.


Just did a stoneware firing today, trudged up to the studio too many times putting the kiln up; checking how it was going etc.  Hopefully it will turn out ok, tried to override the kiln sitter as it under fired it last time. As I am only just getting the hang of this kiln I have a lot to learn how it fires.  Wish I had a raku kiln as well but that’s for the future. In my first firing last week I made a lovely tree pendant, so today while I was waiting I filed the back and hung it on some fine copper wire; and put it around my neck. At dinner time my kiln had finished firing so I came back in the dark to realise I had lost my necklace somewhere during the day. As I have walked up and down all day long,  through long grass and chased ducks and geese it could be anywhere! Have to make another one.