Yellow tailed black cockatoo

Yellow tailed black cockatoo

This cockatoo has been hanging around the house eating the gumnuts off this silver mountain gum.


Rufous Betong

John just had a look at one of our newish baby Rufous Betongs, to see if it was a male or female, this one is a little boy. Why this is important to find out, is that the father Rufous Betong will kill it, at about this age. We have found this out through experience. We knew this happened but the mums usually hide the babies away in their nests so you never see them until you find them dead. The males only kill other males. So we just moved the father into another enclosure, which I am sure he is not very happy about.

Market Stall

I just decided to have a stall at my local market tomorrow (Kinglake produce and artisan market) so have just madly packaged up cups, bowls and plates. I have a kiln full of plates ready to be opened tomorrow morning, so I will have to get up early to see if I have anything worth taking to the market.

some of my old work

Took some photos tonight around the house of some of my old ceramics and sculpture. The teeth are cast in aluminium and were originally buried and half buried in grass mounds for a sculpture show I was in title ‘re-construction’ in the late 90’s. The glasshouse is made from wood and glass with latex and beeswax mountains inside. The rest are all ceramic.