tomato sauce

Was desperate to go to the studio today with lots of ideas, however, if I didn’t make something with our tomatoes that are ripening (late in our area) I would be letting our local currawong eat them all. Looks like our chooks will get all the off cuts.


4 thoughts on “tomato sauce

  1. Just preserved peppers in our olive oil.Your tomatoes look so great. The sauce will be yummy.Kangaroos at the house each nite no green here for them.But we have had rain !! Hurrah.

    • We got a splattering of rain under a ml this morning. Just made a big batch of pesto and blanched corn as well for the freezer. My cooking day is done! Though I do want to preserve some of our peppers too. I contacted Dan the other day on facebook and he is going to get me his Aunties preserved melanzano recipe that we had in Napoli, as it was lovely and I have heaps of eggplants.

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