Lake Wonboyn NSW Australia

Sorry to anyone who follows me, but these are really just what I have been doing for the last week on my holidays, and I am really putting them up for my parents to see! But enjoy if you like holiday snaps..

Wonboyn and kinder 280 (1280x960)

Looking towards Eden from Davidsons Whaling station

Wonboyn and kinder 200 (1280x960)

Kooka at our hut

Wonboyn and kinder 179 (960x1280)

Lighthouse Green Cape

Wonboyn and kinder 149 (1280x960)


Wonboyn and kinder 127 (1280x960)

Bittangabee Bay, where Captain Cook first landed in Australia

Wonboyn and kinder 118 (1280x960)

Disaster Bay

Wonboyn and kinder 077 (960x1280)


Wonboyn and kinder 055 (1280x960)

Paddling on the Lake Wonboyn


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