end of Autumn….. nests and new plates.

Nearly all the leaves have fallen off the deciduous  trees in our yard. The Magnolia has only a few left. Walking past today I spied this cute little empty nest just attached with the most delicate of twine. Probably a little honeyeater or wrens nest from last spring.

little bird nest

There are tiny little blue strands of bailing twine in the nest from our hay bales. My mums nests at her house have pink and blue baling twine woven in!

autumn unfired plates 020 (1280x960)

I also made some new plates yesterday out of Stoneware Raku clay.  I didn’t know what to do with them, so I painted on some white slip, and decorated them using sgraffito, with native Australian plants as inspiration. This one is a Hakea.

Hakea plate unfired

This is a Candlestick Banksia. The brown raku clay will fire to a creamy speckled appearance. I don’t know if the iron specks in the clay will come through the white slip? I will wait and see.

Banksia unfired plate

This is another Banksia, front on.

banksia unfired plate


Landscape cups


Landscape cups

I just took these lovely stoneware cups out of the kiln. The design is from the view out of my studio window, looking across the paddocks to the bush towards the Black Range Mountains behind. I hope to get them onto my Etsy store soon.

landscape cup Stoneware landscape cup  landscape cup Stoneware landscape cup


Copper used as underglaze

Copper used as underglaze

Copper tree and mountain plate

I thought I would try using colours that looked more natural than some of my other brighter pieces for this latest work. So I used 100% copper with water as an underglaze for the design with a chun glaze on top. After the bisque fire I had a terrible feeling that maybe the copper would make the glaze not food safe. So I went to one of the facebook ceramic groups and was given many different opinions on this matter. Some said it was safe others said it wasn’t, others said the whole design would smudge or disappear. In the end the design held up and after a 24hr vinegar test the glaze showed no reaction, meaning my glaze withheld the copper and is food safe! I was thinking I might attach some sort of hook on the back and make it into a wall hanging anyway. Just have to work out how to do that!


the plate before firing

Plate unfired

Decoration Day

I always love my work once it has been decorated and before it is fired. If only the finished product had the same dry look. However you wouldn’t be able to eat off them .. ceramics autumn 014 (1280x960)

I have been trying out some new bowl shapes and using copper carbonate as a stain.

inscribed bowl

Hope this has a nice watercolour green colour.

copper tree plateThis is quite a wide bowl hopefully it won’t crack.