cups waiting for glaze..

new indigo plate 010 (1024x768)
I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to post much on my blog. I have opened an Etsy store, and have got caught up with promoting it. Have finally sold my first item, which was quickly followed by a second which is pretty exciting. I have been making more landscape cups after selling the first set to a friend. I hope to put these in a ceramics store in Melbourne, after I glaze them. Have been throwing some larger bowls which are an achievement for me, now I just have to decide how to decorate them. I have been given a commission this week as well, so hope to get the decoration finished and bisque fired for that by next week. Trying to find some smallish boxes for sending out work bought on Etsy, but having trouble as the local supermarket throws the small boxes out, I don’t want to buy boxes! Need to get myself a bit more organised!!


2 thoughts on “cups waiting for glaze..

    • Thanks Jennifer. I have had three Etsy sales! Yeh! But have had more with people just buying them off me. Its hard with ceramics because the postage is so expensive. Etsy is a bit of time sucker. But I keep going as I have been approached by bloggers and its good to get my product out there I guess. Thanks for the encouragement.

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