sake set

I have been asked by a friend to make a Japanese sake set. I wasn’t sure of the size of the cups as there are some small cups called ochoko that are thimble sized, but I decided to do the medium sized ones. I have turned the larger sake cups (on the right) into espresso cups by adding some handles. sake 001 (1024x768)I have decorated them all with white stoneware slip and blue cobalt mountains. They look purple here but once glazed and fired they will be dark blue. I think I will make some more as I like the little bottles. deer 006 (1024x768)


Turquoise noodle bowls

three noodle bowls waiting to be packed for market

I have been quite sick on and off the last month, being diagnosed with glandular fever and consequently I have not been making as much as I would like or blogging here! I have had to slow down a bit and rest which feels like I am wasting time sometimes, but it means I have got better quicker. I have made some more noodle bowls for tomorrows Kinglake market and hope to make more next week, now that I am feeling better.
Winter is nearly over here in Australia and it has been cold and long so I cannot wait til spring. Today we had a beautiful sunny day up in the mountains, daffodils are out and tiny buds are starting to burst on the fruit trees. It is about to get busy here on our farm. Our Waratahs are beginning soon, our lambs are soon to be born and our ducks and geese are all sitting on eggs.