Some new work which is actually old work!!

I just took some photos of the organic shaped dishes and plates that I made earlier this year, that were printed with the gum leaf Cinerea. We have many of these trees, as we also run a native cut flower business. I usually just sell these dishes at my market stall, but thought I should put them onto my etsy shop for sale as well.
old work new photos 140 (1024x768)old work new photos 153 (1024x768)old work new photos 129 (1024x768)old work new photos 158 (1024x768)


I need your help!

summer 2014 006 (800x600)

In case you haven’t had a chance to vote for my store in the Etsy design awards, PLEASE do, as it is a community online vote and I need all my WordPress followers votes to have any chance to get to go to the Etsy headquarters in NYC! This would be a once in a lifetime experience for me and something beyond my usual life here in my studio on the mountain!!You will also go into the draw for a $250 Etsy voucher. You will need a facebook account to do so. Thank you, and thank you to all of those who have already voted!! xx      Voting closes 25th of Oct. The link to vote is-

Etsy Design Awards

My exciting news is that my Etsy shop Mountain Clay has been picked as a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards!! I have a chance to win a trip to Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, and be featured in the December issue of Inside Out. Please take a few seconds to vote at the following link. Thank you!! xx

Finished Sake set

sake set 010 (1024x768)
Just took my first sake set out of the kiln. Pretty happy with how it looks and feels, I just need to start drinking sake now!! No, actually it is made for a friend, however, they only asked for some sake cups but I got carried away! If she doesn’t want the set I will just make her some more cups, as I don’t want to break the set up.

‘Man sized’

cups I don’t know what happened today, but all the cups I made have turned ‘man sized’. As I was throwing them I thought ‘ these seem big?’ I haven’t made cups for a while, so I thought it was just my mind playing tricks. But after turning them and adding handles, I can see that I may have weighed up my clay wrong…..Pictured is one of todays cups with a previously made cup. Hopefully they will shrink a bit when fired!!?