Etsy Design Awards

My exciting news is that my Etsy shop Mountain Clay has been picked as a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards!! I have a chance to win a trip to Etsy’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, and be featured in the December issue of Inside Out. Please take a few seconds to vote at the following link. Thank you!! xx


4 thoughts on “Etsy Design Awards

  1. How do I vote ? Do I have to join Face Book? Great lunch , in the sun , on the wharf at Queenscliff. Love Dad

    Ian De Lacy De Lacy Mediations

    • Yes Dad you do have to join Facebook, so don’t worry about it. I have really good odds at winning my category as I am only one of thirteen ( but the others are really good products!) Raining and miserable here!

  2. Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment!
    Great to see my Dad isn’t the only father reading their child’s blog! Lol I used to delete my Dad’s comments cause I thought it was embarrassing… I won’t be anymore 🙂

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