Etsy Night Out

Last Friday I was part of the first Melbourne Etsy pop art market, Etsy Night Out Melbourne! It was really busy and a great introduction for me to having a stall in Melbourne rather than out in the sticks! This is a photo of my trusty helper!


Lovely day at the Market

Had a lovely day at our local market today. Beautiful warm weather and lots of happy customers. Have to get really busy this week and make lots more work for another market next week.
market 007 (1024x768)market 002 (768x1024)market 001 (1024x768)

Last of the waratahs

We live on a flower farm and the last of our Australian native waratahs have just finished. Today I made two dishes for friends using the white and red waratah as a decorative feature. I copy the waratahs as a botanical artist copies flowers. I need the flower in front of me and can’t work from a photo, so as they have just finished flowering I realised I needed to make these pieces quickly. They are yet to be fired or glazed, so will look quite different when fired.
waratah plate 007 (1024x768)waratah plate 005 (768x1024)

Take a walk on the wild side…

Had a nervous night as I thought I had overfired a kiln full of new forest side plates and espresso cups. Couldn’t sleep till 1.00am and up at 6.00am to crack open a very hot kiln as I was sure everything was going to be melted! Luckily the kiln fired perfectly. I couldn’t believe it!! .forest plates 029 (1024x768)

Living locally!!

photos of me 047 (1024x768)
I have been interviewed by a new fantastic website ‘local chatter’ about living and working locally! Have a read!!