#1 Blackberry anthotype experiment 21st January 2015, Tent 29 Chewton, VIC

My good friend Michelle’s wordpress blog about her current work done on her block in Chewton Victoria. I am going to have a few pieces of mine at her open studio as part of the 2015 Castlemaine Festival.

Art, words and projects

‘Due to the heat there is no window display today, come inside to see our selection of pies and pastries’ – a small blackboard in McShanag’s Bakery read.

Blackberry landscape

Blackberry bush, I should poison and kill you, you are out of control!

I like to pick your berries

Your thorns bite into soft skin

You are tasty

We can make jam.

You got with the gorse, wrapped yourselves ‘round dead trees and stumps.

I tread across the front ‘paddock’ and use scissors on you.

I stopped using my fingers after a few pricks.

Into my blue bucket, branches loaded with dark purple and bright red berries.

Small blackberry bush

The brown snake rests in the grassy burrow the rabbit made in your spiked mass.

On the walk back to the studio, Willy Wagtail flits, lands, shakes his ass, flits away and Rosellas launch like torpedoes from skinny gum trees.

Inside the part stone cottage, part green shed and all round humpy…

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