Who is the table set for?

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail with extra elements

I have been playing around with dinnerware that have sculptural elements included. This piece is a reflection of our throwaway consumerist society and the impact of that on the natural environment that we live in.

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail 2015


Botantical dying on a windy day

Today Lottie and I took out the silk bundles from the pot and carefully undid them. Very happy with the finished results, nice reds, oranges and some green prints. Don’t know what we will do with the fabric yet? Maybe stitch together as scarves or cushions. Did not add tea bags, onion skins or pieces of iron this time and consequently not as muddy as other times. Very windy here today so silk dried in no time.  I am in the middle of firing a bisque kiln, so running to the studio every hour to turn it up, should be finished soon I hope. Also went to the Kinglake farmers market and had our photo taken eating apple pies, found this picture on Facebook.

Eco Dying

Today Lottie and I did some Eco Dying with some silk I had left over from last year. John had been cutting our gum for his business making native mixed bunches and we used the windfall from this to make our eco bundles. I was taught this by India Flint and do it just for fun. Hopefully this batch come up with some brilliant reds. Have to see tomorrow.

windfall cinerea leaves

windfall cinerea leaves

Lotties and my bundles ready for boiling

Lotties and my bundles ready for boiling

boiling the eco bundles