Knolling photo

Just got home tonight after being away all day and found my new copy of ‘The Journal of Australian Ceramics’ in the mailbox. Inside was a photo I took of my work in a type of photo called ‘knolling’ which is a photo of orderly objects taken from above. Very exciting to see my ceramics published in such a beautiful journal.knolling 021 (1280x960)

You can see the state of my studio floor! Needs a good mop… also wish I had not had so much light coming in from the window on the left but I was rushing to photograph these, just before the deadline.


Gorgeous ceramic tea bowl on the cover of the journal by Euan Craig, Machawan Tea Bowl 2015


Who is the table set for?

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail with extra elements

I have been playing around with dinnerware that have sculptural elements included. This piece is a reflection of our throwaway consumerist society and the impact of that on the natural environment that we live in.

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail 2015


On our last summer holiday we were visiting Mimosa National Park in NSW. One day we went to one of our favourite beaches Middle Beach and watched some massive waves crashing against the rocks. I quickly did a black ink drawing and these are the pieces I have made from that drawing.

opening and work march 072 (1000x750) march exhib photos 031 (1024x768) march exhib photos 003 (1024x768)

A girl in a tree

Today I sent off a tree mug and a forest mug to the USA where my customer was buying them for her daughter. Her name is Chiara and she is protesting against forest being destroyed for a new shopping mall by living high up a tree! Unbelievable that my tree and mountain inspired work will end up high in a tree on Bainbridge Island just off the coast of Seattle! I love it! So I looked her up and there is a song! What an inspiration!! 0 001 (1024x768)





Take a walk on the wild side…

Had a nervous night as I thought I had overfired a kiln full of new forest side plates and espresso cups. Couldn’t sleep till 1.00am and up at 6.00am to crack open a very hot kiln as I was sure everything was going to be melted! Luckily the kiln fired perfectly. I couldn’t believe it!! .forest plates 029 (1024x768)

‘Man sized’

cups I don’t know what happened today, but all the cups I made have turned ‘man sized’. As I was throwing them I thought ‘ these seem big?’ I haven’t made cups for a while, so I thought it was just my mind playing tricks. But after turning them and adding handles, I can see that I may have weighed up my clay wrong…..Pictured is one of todays cups with a previously made cup. Hopefully they will shrink a bit when fired!!?