Rusty ceramic planters

Just took these hanging ceramic planters out of the kiln this morning. It is a tin blue brush on glaze. I gave them two coats instead of three, so instead of blue bowls with brown edges, they are a rusty brown with blue splotches and look similar to the corrugated iron of my studio walls. I like them, they would look nice with grey blue succulents in them.

end of march work 2015 007 (1024x768)

end of march work 2015 001 (1024x768)end of march work 2015 009 (768x1024)


Take a walk on the wild side…

Had a nervous night as I thought I had overfired a kiln full of new forest side plates and espresso cups. Couldn’t sleep till 1.00am and up at 6.00am to crack open a very hot kiln as I was sure everything was going to be melted! Luckily the kiln fired perfectly. I couldn’t believe it!! .forest plates 029 (1024x768)