Knolling photo

Just got home tonight after being away all day and found my new copy of ‘The Journal of Australian Ceramics’ in the mailbox. Inside was a photo I took of my work in a type of photo called ‘knolling’ which is a photo of orderly objects taken from above. Very exciting to see my ceramics published in such a beautiful journal.knolling 021 (1280x960)

You can see the state of my studio floor! Needs a good mop… also wish I had not had so much light coming in from the window on the left but I was rushing to photograph these, just before the deadline.


Gorgeous ceramic tea bowl on the cover of the journal by Euan Craig, Machawan Tea Bowl 2015


Spoons 2013

Spoons 2013

Made four spoons, but have given the smallest one to my daughter for cereal, so now there are three. These were made by making really flat pinch pots and adding the handles. Just wanted to try making spoons as firing them with glaze is tricky, however it ended up being easy.