short film about me in my studio

Yvette De Lacy : Mountain Clay from Suzie Haslam on Vimeo.


State of Green interview

The lovely Jenny Tranter from the eco website and blog State of Green has interviewed me about how I started in ceramics and my inspiration. I very grateful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy the read. State of Green is an online resource for finding out the latest in eco living ideas from around the world. e for blog 001 (1024x768)

Inside Out Magazine interview!

old work new photos 183 (1024x768)Soooo excited! Have just been sent the link to an online interview I did with Inside Out magazine about me, my work and studio. The address is Please click on address and have a read!!

I need your help!

summer 2014 006 (800x600)

In case you haven’t had a chance to vote for my store in the Etsy design awards, PLEASE do, as it is a community online vote and I need all my WordPress followers votes to have any chance to get to go to the Etsy headquarters in NYC! This would be a once in a lifetime experience for me and something beyond my usual life here in my studio on the mountain!!You will also go into the draw for a $250 Etsy voucher. You will need a facebook account to do so. Thank you, and thank you to all of those who have already voted!! xx      Voting closes 25th of Oct. The link to vote is-

Photos of work

Photos of work

It is funny how selling your ceramics online works. You can’t just take a photo anymore, it has to tell a story or impart a certain mood. It is hard to get this right, without looking too staged or pretentious. My general set up is an old wood box or the wooden studio floor and some native flora. This photo is a little dark and there is a bit of shine reflected from the window. But I only have so much time to take photos, so this has to do. I have tried the white background with big paper sheets but I don’t think it suits my work and I find it hard to keep clean in a ceramic studio.

Windy weather

Woke up today hoping we might have some snow but we have not had any yet…
Really windy here gusts up to 100kms. I tried to work in my studio but it was so windy I thought the roof might come off or a huge Mountain Ash gum tree might fall on it. So I only had enough courage to make a little clay fox and take some photos of the new noodle bowls and tree pots I have made, before I ran home.
noodle bowl 009 (1024x768) noodle bowl 010 (1024x768) noodle bowl 017 (1024x768)