trees and water

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These two pictures are of the work from my last kiln firing on Friday. Unfortunately I lost a tree dinner plate during firing otherwise there would be two complete tree sets. The three blue pasta bowls are following previous work which is inspired by the ocean waves near Tathra NSW. The tree dinnerware are what I see everyday up here in the mountains.


Who is the table set for?

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail with extra elements

I have been playing around with dinnerware that have sculptural elements included. This piece is a reflection of our throwaway consumerist society and the impact of that on the natural environment that we live in.

Yvette De Lacy 'who is the table set for' detail 2015

Windy weather

Woke up today hoping we might have some snow but we have not had any yet…
Really windy here gusts up to 100kms. I tried to work in my studio but it was so windy I thought the roof might come off or a huge Mountain Ash gum tree might fall on it. So I only had enough courage to make a little clay fox and take some photos of the new noodle bowls and tree pots I have made, before I ran home.
noodle bowl 009 (1024x768) noodle bowl 010 (1024x768) noodle bowl 017 (1024x768)

Landscape cups


Landscape cups

I just took these lovely stoneware cups out of the kiln. The design is from the view out of my studio window, looking across the paddocks to the bush towards the Black Range Mountains behind. I hope to get them onto my Etsy store soon.

landscape cup Stoneware landscape cup  landscape cup Stoneware landscape cup


New plate and bowl

Have started making slab plates as I am not a very good thrower and I love plates. This is my favourite tree plate. The forest bowl is in the kiln waiting to be bisque fired. I think the design works well with more trees. I have not tested the cobalt oxide (purple in background) yet so will see how it comes out, hopefully blue.

summer heat

I have been drawing lots of designs for my pots over the last few days as my studio is way too hot to go into at the moment. We are in a heat wave and it is currently 40 degrees at 5:00pm! I have a kiln packed and ready to go but because of the heat I cannot safely fire it to 1300 degrees, especially because I share my studio with quite a few hay bales.. So drawing pots is all I can do. I look at the mountain ash gum trees which are on our property for inspiration. These are around our dam, and were spared in the Black Saturday fires in 2009. Basically there isn’t much you can do on days like this but watch the CFA site for fires where we live. The joys of country and mountain living!

Unfired work

Just made this group of small tree mountain sculptures yesterday . I am hoping they will dry in time to enter them into a local art show. I need to bisque and glaze them in the next two weeks, so I can take a photo of them for the entry form. They are extremely fragile. You just look at the branches and they break. When I tried to wrap the tips so they wouldn’t dry quickly, I broke them and had to reattach them with slip as they were already dry on the tips. So I have given up on wrapping and just hope they won’t crack?  I engraved lines around the mountains after taking this shot, which look a bit like contour lines on maps. I am still thinking about how to colour them.  I don’t like any of my under glaze colours for this piece so I may have to drive to the city one day and check out what I can buy, otherwise I may do the base a dark blue and the trees white. Not sure though, very undecided.

The group of five bisque pots are my attempt at throwing.  I like my carved design but still need to glaze them, I am waiting for more work to fill the kiln. The under glaze will turn dark blue and I am going to put a opaque white glaze over the top, so the blue just comes through.  Just been extra busy feeding our lamb and not working in the studio.