Bowls and studio shot

Bowls ready for bisquestudio wtih cups

These are some of the first bowls I have thrown for years, and now they are waiting for the rest of the bisque to be loaded. I am trying to get a watercolour type effect with the green-blue colour. I usually make things that are sculptural and don’t really have a use, but have decided to try to make some functional things as they seem to sell easier, strange…. I have also attempted some cups and small beakers? Not sure about the handles I made, but considering I only made one set of cups during my ceramic art degree 20 years ago with hand squashed handles, I am pretty happy with these.


10 thoughts on “Bowls and studio shot

  1. Just lovely work.I can see these bowls filled with our mulberries,cherries,mangoes or wonderful greens.Hope all goes well for the next stage.

    • I just cleaned it since this shot as it looks pretty messy! It is an old potato packing shed which gets really hot in summer. Today is going to get to 44 degrees so I will not be setting foot in it.

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