Unfired work

Just made this group of small tree mountain sculptures yesterday . I am hoping they will dry in time to enter them into a local art show. I need to bisque and glaze them in the next two weeks, so I can take a photo of them for the entry form. They are extremely fragile. You just look at the branches and they break. When I tried to wrap the tips so they wouldn’t dry quickly, I broke them and had to reattach them with slip as they were already dry on the tips. So I have given up on wrapping and just hope they won’t crack?  I engraved lines around the mountains after taking this shot, which look a bit like contour lines on maps. I am still thinking about how to colour them.  I don’t like any of my under glaze colours for this piece so I may have to drive to the city one day and check out what I can buy, otherwise I may do the base a dark blue and the trees white. Not sure though, very undecided.

The group of five bisque pots are my attempt at throwing.  I like my carved design but still need to glaze them, I am waiting for more work to fill the kiln. The under glaze will turn dark blue and I am going to put a opaque white glaze over the top, so the blue just comes through.  Just been extra busy feeding our lamb and not working in the studio.