Cherry tomatoes on tree plate

Cherry tomatoes on tree plate Our cherry tomatoes from our garden look so pretty on one of the tree plates.


tomato sauce

Was desperate to go to the studio today with lots of ideas, however, if I didn’t make something with our tomatoes that are ripening (late in our area) I would be letting our local currawong eat them all. Looks like our chooks will get all the off cuts.

Rubbish on deserted ocean beach

We had a great overnight camping trip the other day, at 6th mile beach near Cape Liptrap in Victoria, Australia. We did a 9 kilometre walk along the beach. We were the only human footprints, but there were lots of kangaroo, wallaby, wombat and fox prints. However, there still was plenty of signs of humans, as the top tide line was littered with plastic rubbish washed up and piled up. It was really horrible as it was such an amazing beach and wilderness area.