New ceramic work

Finally took some photos of my work for etsy store. Hope to sell some of these at the local market on the weekend.


New Mountain Clay Etsy shop

New Mountain Clay Etsy shop

Cinerea Gum Plate

I just opened a new store online at Etsy, as my previous store at big cartel did not get many hits, so I will see how Etsy goes. I hope to take some new photos of my work to put on there next week.

Lake Wonboyn NSW Australia

Sorry to anyone who follows me, but these are really just what I have been doing for the last week on my holidays, and I am really putting them up for my parents to see! But enjoy if you like holiday snaps..

Wonboyn and kinder 280 (1280x960)

Looking towards Eden from Davidsons Whaling station

Wonboyn and kinder 200 (1280x960)

Kooka at our hut

Wonboyn and kinder 179 (960x1280)

Lighthouse Green Cape

Wonboyn and kinder 149 (1280x960)


Wonboyn and kinder 127 (1280x960)

Bittangabee Bay, where Captain Cook first landed in Australia

Wonboyn and kinder 118 (1280x960)

Disaster Bay

Wonboyn and kinder 077 (960x1280)


Wonboyn and kinder 055 (1280x960)

Paddling on the Lake Wonboyn

Melanzane Sotto Olio

This year has been our first year where we have had a bumper crop of eggplants. Must have something to do with the warmer weather! So I have had eggplant in nearly every dish lately, but the one I wanted more than anything was Melanzane Sotto Olio that I ate in Napoli while staying there in 1996-97. My travelling companion’s Zia, gave it to us regularly for lunch with chewy Naples bread – delicious. So I contacted my friend and he found out the recipe. I hope it tastes as good as his Zia’s. When we were leaving Napoli to fly home to Australia, she gave us two bottles, and said take them home, its ok!! But we knew we couldn’t take them on the plane so had to reluctantly give them away to the pension owner that we were staying with in Rome. Photo is a bit blurry…